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Organic Jaggery Powder

Organic Jaggery Powder
Organic Jaggery Powder
Product Code : OJP-04
Product Description
Organic Jaggery Powder is an ideal substitute for white sugar. It is devoid of nutrients and is a nutritious sweetener. All the phytonutrients of white sugar get flushed out during processing. On the other hand; jaggery is processed without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is more healthy than white sugar. What Is Organic Food? Organic foods are produced from organic crops which must be grown in safe soil; have no modifications; and must remain separate from conventional products. The produce should be free from synthetic pesticides; petroleum-based fertilizers; bioengineered genes (GMOs); and sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Organic foods provide a varied range of benefits. Some studies reveals that organic foods have got more beneficial nutrients; such as antioxidants; than conventionally grown counterparts. Organic farming is better for the environment. Organic produce contains fewer pesticides. Organically raised animals are NOT given antibiotics; growth hormones; or fed animal by-products. Organic food is GMO-free.